About the Society

The Los Angeles International Fern Society was formed to provide a source of information on ferns, to arrange for people to study ferns and to encourage the use and enjoyment of ferns. In a more general way, the Society aims to encourage all horticultural activities by example, education, exhibits and donations.

Informally, the organization is referred to by the acronym LAIFS, pronounced "layfs".

General membership meetings are held on the third Friday of the month at 7:30 in the Palm Room (downstairs Lecture Hall) at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, 310 N. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91007, (626) 821-3222, one block south of the 210 Freeway.

LAIFS Journal ISSN 0416-910X

Contents, except for lessons or where labeled otherwise, may be reprinted without limitation if credit is given to: LAIFS Journal, publication of the Los Angeles International Fern Society, Inc.

LAIFS reserves the right to reject any copy submitted for publication. Views expressed in this Journal are not necessarily those of the Society, its officers or the editor. Mention of a product does not constitute an endorsement for that product by the Society, its officers or the writer.

Articles and comments for the Journal should be sent to:
       Fatma Hassan
       e-mail: amtaf12@gmail.com

Advertising is to be paid in advance at the rate of $10.00 per column inch; $10 per Business Card BW; $20 per Business Card Color; $25 per 1/4 Page; $50 per 1/2 Page. Contact the advertising manager for assistance with ads. Deadline is six weeks prior to the issue date. For information contact:
       Donna Radoumis
       336 Maryville Drive
       Walnut, CA 91789
       e-mail: LAIFSFernShow@aol.com

LAIFS Board of Directors

Officers			Board Term
  Michael Moody			2016
1st Vice President
  Jim Jaeger			2016

2nd Vice President &
  Norman Nakanishi		2016

  Candace Nakanishi	        2015

  Jim Herman	      		2014

  Harry Hatanaka	        2016
  Richard Shaffer    	        2014

  Ron Battershill               2014
  Fatma Hassan                  2014
  Beverly Hitz                  2015
  Robert Lee, Jr                2014
  Joy Paris                     2016
  Donna Radoumis                2015
  Derrick Sheldon               2015
  Don Wood	                2015